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1# Corona Virus save the world - Video Game: Ilias Sokolis.

In our first episode, we discuss how Ilias Sokolis’ game "Corona Virus Save the World," simulates the COVID 19 pandemic in the international realm. Hear him talk about his inspiration behind his project and learn more about his journey with game development (and how you can get started too).

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2# Using technology to make opportunities more accessible - Revoteen

In this episode, we talk to Aditya Jain and Krish Malik, the CEO and CTO of Revoteen, about their new networking platform that aims to connect students with student-led initiatives. We discuss social media marketing tactics and the app development process. We can't wait until it is officially released on app markets. Get ready to be inspired!

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3# Ever been interested in starting a podcast? with the Bykov Brothers.

Check out our episode with Asher and Joey, co-hosts of The Debate Without Debate Podcast. A show that aims to end depolarization through conversation. In this episode, we talk about the advantages of podcasting, the harsh reality behind creating a work-life balance, and more. We learned so much from this conversation and we are so excited for you to get ahold of these insights.

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4# Empowering youth to engage with politics with Jason Evlambios

In this episode we talk to Jason Evlambios, a Model UN country delegate, nuclear committee president, and former podcaster. We discuss different ways for young people to engage with politics. We also learn more about the connection between politics and entrepreneurship along with the role of social media in today's society. Get ready to learn!

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5# The key components of a good website and the importance of sharing resources

In this episode, we dive deeper into the importance of good website design with two of the co-founders of Procrastinote, a platform that aims to make life easier for fellow procrastinators (We’re guilty).

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6# Perspectopia + Max Reisinger - YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Optimist

In this episode, we catch up with Max Reisinger to learn more about building a community, the importance of learning outside of school, and nurturing creativity. We will also discuss the logistics and challenges behind running a successful clothing brand.

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7# Turning a creative passion into a career with Gawx

In this episode, we will be speaking to Gawx, a digital artist and a successful YouTuber from Mexico. He already has accumulated over 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. In July 2020, he released his self designed clothing brand called “Voice Crack Gang”. It sold out in a few days! We are so honored to be a part of his first interivew! Check it out.

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8# Making entrepreneurship equitable with Naomi Porter

In this episode we are discussing all things gen Z entrepreneurship with Naomi Porter. Why is entrepreneurship so important for young people and how can we leverage it to impact the world? How can we be collaborative in a competitive environment? Listen to learn more!

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9# Building a social impact centered media company with Jenk Oz

In this episode, we will be speaking to Jenk Oz, one of the youngest CEOs and public speakers in the UK. He is the founder of Thred media, a global publishing, consulting and production company focused on social change. In this interview we will learn about his journey with entrepreneurship and his advice for other people who want to jumpstart their own.

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10# Marketing to a new generation with Rayze Consulting

In this episode, we meet with Rayyan and Sahil to learn about Rayze Consulting. They created a company that helps brands think of new ideas, craft marketing campaigns, and learn more about Generation Z. Learn more about the consulting business from finding clients to tips for being taken seriously by more established companies.

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