Who are pathbreaking problem solvers ? - GenZers to rise!
Samantha Handler

Vedanth Nath

Founder of Nexteen

Nexteen is a Gen-Z ecosystem that is tailored to provide the world’s most pathbreaking problem solvers with camps and a community, with business as a catalyst for change The ecosystem facilitates cohort-based programs, competitions, clubs, and more, all fostered through our community. Nexteen Business Camp is a human accelerator program that helps students work on a real life business challenge and maximize their potential. The 6-week-long program will provide students with the opportunity to practice in specific corporate industries, develop business acumen, and collaborate with skilled international teams. The program provides students with exclusive access to industry-grade mentors, coaches, an extensive digital platform, and hands-on learning opportunities directly with corporates, all fostered by the exclusive Nexteen Community.