Ep 11: A serial entrepreneur’s lessons for Gen Z with Ronsley Vaz - GenZers to rise!

Episode's best points

.Ronsley Vaz even if studied software engineering and computer science in college, now is more focused in business. He reveals his passion for cooking and the difficulties to keep running his restaurnt business. Podcasting and audio marjeting has transformed his life as he says, sicne this hobb\y helped him not to declare bankruptcy. In the end, Ronsley is running hte award winning Amplify Agency - the best audio marketing in Australia, while he is doing some apperaances on talk events and online shows like GenZers to rise! Podcast.

The entrepreneurial ventures

I googled powerful verbs and that's how i got Amplify. When building a bussinees, ina few words, you need to find the need, you need to solve the need and in the end to sell the need as part of your solution. And this is what I did with my case and Amplify Agency.

Ronsley Vaz sitting on a cafe table by Berth Jennings Photography

Setting the mindset under the phsychological aspects of entrepreneurship

From a phsychologicalpoint of view, information bias exist on every human being. So sifting the mindset of "how can I be out of service" - allow us to get rid off somehow from the big holes that we dig for ourselves in our career's and life's path.

Now, reverse that what if someone watches that, listens that, and then make this big shift. And it's now about me thinking that some childhood classmates would make fun of me because they ssaw something for me on facebook. Don't be afraid to do that shift!

Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley Vaz

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Ronsley is the Chief Day Dreamer at the AMPLIFY group. AMPLIFY is Australia's First Audio Marketing Agency. AMPLIFY also hosts the First Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere - We Are Podcast. He is the author of the book AMPLIFY - How to raise your voice, boost your brand & grow your business.