TALA: Flexible living for digital nomads - GenZers to rise!
Nathan Bauer and Ryan Warnken

Ryan & Nathan

TALA founders

Meet the dynamic duo behind TALA - Nathan Bauer and Ryan Warnken. Nathan's impressive background in hospitality, marketing, and business management has helped him manage over $12 million in real estate assets and collaborate with 200+ agents and developers. He's a marketing mastermind whose advertising materials have generated returns worth millions. Meanwhile, Ryan's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 12 with a skateboard brand, and he's since created four successful companies across different sectors. He's a deal-making dynamo who's been involved in over 500 transactions, driving hundreds of millions in sales, and leads a top-performing sales team. Together, Nathan and Ryan's unique blend of youthful energy and professional expertise make TALA an unstoppable, cutting-edge force to be reckoned with.