About the GenZers to rise! Podcast

About our podcast

We interview changemakers with impactful projects and create resources to help you change the world. If they can do it, so can you!

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The genzers to rise! podcast - More about the show

About the GenZers to rise! podcast

On this podcast we discuss the logistics of creating different types of projects with GenZers who have already done it. We cover the different ideas surrounding Gen Z entrepreneurship from technical details to creating an impact.

Now more than ever, It is more important to have these conversations so we can help solve the problems facing the world today.

The story behind our podcast

We are ChangemakerZ, a student-run initiative that aims to empower, educate and connect GenZers interested in entrepreneurship.

We interview changemakers with impactful projects and create resources to help you change the world. If they can do it, so can you!

Why listening our podcast?

on top 25 changemakers podcasts

Award winning podcast

We are on top 25 changemakers podcasts by Feedspot, the largest blogging, podcast and media sharing platform.

We are so honored to be part of this list trusted by top global organizations. Thanks to the amazing engagement and support of our audience, we have received more than 180 listens per episode. Great things are coming every week, so stay tunned!

word class interview and guests at Genzers to rise! podcast

World-class interviews & guests

On this podcast we are commited to bring high-quality and exclusive content from end-to-end. We have interviewd great names like the Bykov Brothers, the YouTuber Max Reisinger with more than 400K subscriber, the YouTube artist Gawxs with more than 1.69M subscriber, the CEO of Australia's first audio marketing agency, the entrepreneur - activist - youngest CEO of UK Jenk Oz, and many more inspiring people.

genzers to rise! podcast global team

Global team

The podcast team members are located in many different regions and time zones, starting from Greece, going to Chicago and endind to San Jose. This is multi-cultural team with connected mind sets and with one common goal: Make everyone to believe that their dream is possible and being inspired from other changemakers. We are also featured to other podcasts sharing our mission. Meet all our podcasters today from here.

high quality content, the genzers to rise podcast

High Quality content

Even if our team and guests are coming from all around the world, we wanted always to make a high quality content podcast. That's why our sponshors contribution is extremely important. This is an internet only recorded podcast thanks to Zencastr VOIP solution, while after the pre production process - the audio is analyzed by AI tools provided by Auphonic, in order to reach the highest content possible.

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Questions, answers and aydio messages

At the GenZers to rise! Podcast, we love to offer the opportunity to our listeners for their voice to be heard. This is why started to support the "voice messages". By sending voice messages to the GenZers to rise! podcast, your message could end up on a future episode of our podcast! Try this today from here. This featured is brought to you by our hosting provider, Anchor - a Spotify Company. Try this today!