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This is Vasilis Skarleas, producer and main host at GenZers to rise! Podcast

I'm Vasilis Skarleas, executive producer & host

Vasileios Filippos Skarleas born in 2003 is a tech entrepreneur and media producer from Greece. Vasilis was the co-founder and CTO at Lekitable, the first green-network of products in France. He is the executive producer of the GenZers to rise! Podcast. Vasilis is passionate about the STEM and the development of new services like the Vasilis Skarleas Cloud.

Vasilis pursues his studies in Robotics engineering at Polytech Sorbonne. His interests include videography, aerial photography, digital art, 3D printing and robotics. Last but not least, he is an ambassador at Thred Media.

Bringing awareness is one of his priorities. His participation as an ambassador at Thred media makes it possible.

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