Ep 15: How Alana Andrews started SWEY, a healthy sports drink company - GenZers to rise!

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In this episode we will dive deeper into the logistics behind starting a beverage company.

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We also learn about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and it’s connection to entrepreneurial success.

Alana Andrews
Ronsley Vaz

Alana Andrews

CEO & Founder of The SWEY Corporation

Alana Andrews is the 17-year-old Author, Speaker, and CEO & Founder of The SWEY Corporation, So Positive, LLC., and the So Positive Initiative. From her second book, “Creating Confidence,” Alana founded the So Positive Initiative (SPI) where she builds self-confidence and positivity within elementary school students through their national programs, assemblies, and books.

Along with her community driven initiatives, Alana is a motivational speaker, and has spoken at venues including the largest women’s business conference in the state of Virginia.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive has allowed her to create the natural modern day sports drink made by Gen Z for Gen Z, SWEY, out of her need for a product like this as a prediabetic athlete when she was 8-years-old.

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