Ep 17: TikTok banning and becoming an artist with Vasilis Kakasas - GenZers to rise!

Episode's best points

In this episode we talk about the arts paths. How and why should someone move on to follow his dream to become an artist and which role can the internet play ?

TikTok banning phenomenon ?

We also cover the TikTok banning phenomenon as well as the impact of different social media policies in people’s lives. Featuring a former greek TikTok star Vasilis Kakasas.

Ronsley Vaz

Vasilis Kakasas

Former Greek TikToker

Hey y'all, I am Vasilis Kakasas I am a new performer here in Greece and I am also known from tiktok , I love instagram modeling and I 'm in love with different forms art can take. My goal is to help people to improve the attitude on social media and become a great singer.

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