Ep 13: Day in life of a product manager with Iris Guo - GenZers to rise!

Episode's best points

In this episode we are talking to Iris Guo - intern product manager at Google X project, founder of Neutrify, a google chrome extension and founder of open meal, a door dash for people in need.

Google X & Neutrify

We are talking about amazing technology and I am thrilled about what change this initiative is going to bring in the next few years. Now, you are an intern product manager at Google X under the project “X, the moonshot factory”. We also talk about what sparked the creation of Neutrify and how does it work?

Iris Guo on KuzoClass Entrepreneurship Fellow at medium.com

And climate activist...

What actions does she take as a Climate Activist? How can we get involved? We are using Slack as a collaboration software between team members but we have never seen Slack to be used as a community space like on Work on climate project. Let's dive into the episode to learn more about the Work on Climate.

Ronsley Vaz

Iris Guo

Intern @ Microsoft 🥑 Social Entrepreneur @ Neutrify 🥑 Climate Activist & PM Community Builder @ Work on Climate

As an international student, her 17-year-old self came to Canada alone with a big dream of changing the world and 2 huge luggage. As naive as that sounds, she never stopped believing in her power to change the world and make a profound impact on others. She believe that a great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer and the speech of a diplomat.