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Marina Tziara Ravindran

Marina Tziara


Marina Tziara makes wild paintings like her soul. Born (1988) and raised in Athens, next to the sea. She fled Greece, when she was 22 to study art in Spain, and then she finished a Master´s degree in Montessori education and adolescent psychology. Why art? It is not really a choice, it is a necessity. It is a way of being. She just knew she had to find a way to express everything that she lives and feels in her own way. Because what is already made, created and put out there is not enough for her or is too much or it’s just not her. She runs long distances every day next to the river and she gets inspired by smiles, poems, excellent music, long books, short kisses, morning coffees, Garcia Lorca. She paints about strong women, her personal stories, and the lives of others that have made nests in her heart. Marina is exhibiting her art all over the world and gives workshops about inspiration, empowerment and teaches art. She has 2 upcoming exhibitions one in September at Psifida Art Gallery in Cyprus and one in November at Kwasten Gallery in Belgium.