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"Using technology to make opportunities more accessible" - Revoteen

In this episode, we discuss with Aditya Jain and Krish Malik, the CEO and CTO of Revoteen, about their new networking platform that aims to connect students with student-led initiatives. We talk about social media marketing tactics, the application development process, and of course what inspired them to start this project. We are so excited about this app which is in the BETA phase right now and we can't wait until it is officially released on app markets. What are you waiting for?

Episode's points

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"We had difficulty trying to find students who would be interested in these types of initiatives because there really was no centralized platform where you could reach out to people. And that while there are networking platforms that already exist, like LinkedIn, a great majority of the content on these platforms doesn't really pertain to students."

"The major features of the app and the website is that students are allowed to create their own initiatives in the post and reach out to more students with that particular interest."

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