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Marketing to a new generation with Rayze Consulting

In this episode, we meet with Rayyan and Sahil to learn about Rayze Consulting. They created a company that helps brands think of new ideas, craft marketing campaigns, and learn more about Generation Z. Learn more about the consulting business from finding clients to tips for being taken seriously by more established companies.

Episode's insights

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"Big big companies like Nike and Adidas, are trying to attract GenZers and these demographics by using celebrities and so on. So this gives us an enforcement to invest even more on GenZ marketing idea"

"Statistically there are more GenZers to be the next potential clients rather than people from previous generations. And we have seen that businesses that didn't adopt at least some of GenZ model - they closed"

"We are more than 40 people on Rayze consulting. It's like a big family of GenZ members. Being able to talk with the businesses, you can learn a lot by observing how a business a struggling in a specific moment, especially if you are 'highschooler'."

"We like to post stuff related things to GenZ which include social justice subjects like them that you can find on our instagram. Also, we want to provide information so that people can learn more about these subjects"

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