GenZers to rise! Podcast

Making entrepreneurship equitable with Naomi Porter

In this episode we are discussing all things gen Z entrepreneurship with Naomi Porter. Why is entrepreneurship so important for young people and how can we leverage it to impact the world? How can we be collaborative in a competitive environment? Listen to learn more!

Episode's insights

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"I was started my first own business when I was 11 years old which sells affordable travel kits for travellers and marketers, people who search for photo blog accommodations  "

"I always wanted to offer affordability, accountability, flexibility for all of our clients, while keeping all products and services environmentally friendly. "

"Developing a team and a business is just as much important developing a team as entrepreneur."

"We are living in a historic moment of great disruption. Now is the time to persuade policy makers to make bold decisions about how we educate and train young minds"

"Entrepreneurship is the future and we need to work together to create better pathways into the jobs of today and tomorrow"

"Young people need access to entrepreneurial education that can lead each of us to a path of professional stability and personal dignity"

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