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Perspectopia + Max Reisinger - YouTuber, Entrepreneur and Optimist

In this episode, we catch up with Max Reisinger to learn more about building a community, the importance of learning outside of school, and nurturing creativity. We will also discuss the logistics and challenges behind running a successful clothing brand.

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"I'd love to learn more languages. Maybe Spanish or German since I am half Austrian and it would be great to talk what my blood talks"

"My aesthetics is very unique and this is what my room design indicates"

"I truly believe that most of our knowledge comes from experiences but on the same time, the school is a place where we learn some mandatory information, and here comes the online learning. I couldn't succeed if I hadn't learned more things about creating videos, and editing, and logistics management"

"Perspectopia is a philosophy created from my own life. It's a mental space that you can access whoever you are and where ever you are. It's sort of a city in our minds that you can escape to it, be with everyone else and share an optimistic way of thinking."

"The Perspectopia discord server is a tangible physical space for people to talk and interact. We try to expand this physical space as much as we can with different events like movie nights, language lessons, meet and greet with everyone where all we went to calls and to introduce each other"

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