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Building a social impact centered media company with Jenk Oz

In this episode, we will be speaking to Jenk Oz, one of the youngest CEOs and public speakers in the UK. He is the founder of Thred media, a global publishing, consulting and production company focused on social change. In this interview we will learn about his journey with entrepreneurship and his advice for other people who want to jumpstart their own.

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"As I started to grow up, the contents on its grow up as well. But then what ended up happening is we have really good mature content on the kind of, uh, on a, not very good, not as good, but still very mature kind of website face."

"On Thred media, we're going to be building out an ecosystem of kind of remote writers, uh, underway soon, going to be enrolling our remote writers. So if you're coming from, let's say India, you'll see stories from remote writers within India."

"It's not every day where you have a, an 11 year old building, his first website. So naturally you're going to get a lot more, press, a lot more kind of traction, a lot more wow. Factor from the fact that I was doing this at such a young age, as opposed to somebody who's kind of following a very standard kind of pathway. And I found that helped me massively because I was able to gain a lot of press quite quickly and also gain a lot of followers from that press."

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