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Using game development to spread awareness during the pandemic

In our first episode, we discuss how  Ilias Sokolis’ game "Corona Virus save the world," simulates the COVID 19 pandemic in the international realm. Hear him talk about his inspiration behind his project and learn more about his journey with game development (and how you can get started too).  Like this podcast? Follow us to stay tuned for more coming up! Follow our Instagram to know when new episodes and projects drop.

Episode's insights

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"My purpose was to show how a government could handle the pandemic and the different ways to help people economically and socially. First of all, I wanted to think about the visual aspect of the game. Since I have developed other games in the past, this quite easy to develop it "

"I wanted to pass my own message through what I love which is game development. The idea was that if we stay unified, we could easier to beat this pandemic."

This podcast is a Vasilis Skarleas production on behalf of ChangemakerZ Organisation