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Turning a creative passion into a career with Gawx

In this episode, we will be speaking to Gawx, a digital artist and a successful YouTuber from Mexico. He already has accumulated over 1.5 Million subscribers on YouTube. In July 2020, he released his self-designed clothing brand called “Voice Crack Gang”. It sold out in a few days! We are so honored to be a part of his first interview!

Episode's insights

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"I started by creating and uploading my drawings on Instagram. I was creating videos for Instagram but not for youtube"

"I started my YouTube channel back in 2011 in order to combine my two passions, art, and filmmaking but I wasn't really succeded. In fact, I deleted this channel two months later "

He is combining outstanding transitions, advanced editing, high-quality image resolution, depth of colour and sometimes self-recorded voice cracks. 

"My editing process is a little messy. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to create a single video. In hours like 60 - 80 hours editing and 50 hours filming but I think it's worth it"

"When I started my clothing brand, the most important part was during planning, the time management and the communication with people you work with. I could say that the first drop was a success! It was sold out in a couple of days"

"I take my inspiration from everyday elements like animals and dogs! I wish to have my own art exhibitions one day"

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