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Ever been interested in starting a podcast? with the Bykov brothers

Check out our episode with Asher and Joey, co-hosts of The Debate Without Debate Podcast. A show that aims to end depolarization through conversation. In this episode, we talk about the advantages of podcasting, the harsh reality behind creating a work-life balance, and more. We learned so much from this conversation and we are so excited for you to get ahold of these insights.

Episode's insights

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In this episode, we have a deeper conversation with Asher and Joey Bykov about the podcast art. They give some great tips and an approach that a podcaster should follow. Their feedback helped us a lot to improve ourselves and GenZers to rise! The podcast as well. 

Bykov brothers (Asher and Joey) are the founders of The Debate Without Debate Podcast. Their podcast's goal is to create "Depolarization through conversation" and educate gen Z about a variety of issues. They have interviewed great names like Gary Vee, Max Reisinger, and Nupol Kiazolu.

This podcast is a Vasilis Skarleas production on behalf of ChangemakerZ Organisation